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Summerfield Vision

Develop highly motivated independent learners who value and enjoy learning

Develop enquiring minds and a thirst for knowledge.

Motivate children by providing exciting learning opportunities that they see as relevant to their own lives.

Equip children with the skills necessary to take ownership of their learning.

Encourage children to make reasoned choices about their learning.

Empower our children to take pride in their achievements and build on their successes.

Provide an enriched, adventurous and creative curriculum to support children in developing their full potential.

Recognise and encourage everyone’s talents and celebrate them.

Provide a broad and balanced curriculum with every opportunity taken to enrich the learning experience.

Raise the profile of all aspects of the creative and expressive arts.

Provide regular learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Invest in and embrace the use of new technology to enrich learning.

Ensure that provision is in place to move our school on an upward spiral compared to others nationally.

Equip our children with the values that will make them responsible citizens.

Maintain high standards of behaviour throughout the school.

Ensure that all members of the school community consistently model good behaviour.

Promote the concept of well-being.

Encourage diversity and welcome visitors to our school who have different faiths, beliefs and experiences.

Provide opportunities for children to share special celebrations with their peers.

Invite local resident participation in school activities and celebrations.

Maintain strong links with local, national and international organisations.

Encourage all children to participate in a wide range of activities regardless of race, gender or ability.

Teach our children British values.

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