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Redway litter picking

We have adopted the Redway in Bradwell Common and are keeping it tidy with regular litter picking walks.

We are also keeping the council updated when work needs doing such as cutting back bushes, removing glass and clearing graffiti.

This is an extract of a letter from a local resident who saw us out picking litter.

I was delighted to see so many of your school children clearing litter this afternoon along the Bradwell Common redways. It was an inspiring sight for me, not least because for the past year or more I have been litter-picking several times a week from Hadley Place to Grafton North and round to the CMK Medical Centre. I have done this because I was so unhappy with the littered state of our beautiful landscape and paths.


With the Council clearing these areas only once every four weeks, and more recently every eight, the paths and landscapes get littered within days and then get worse. In any case, the Council’s contractors don’t seem to go far from the redways so much litter is left in the shrubs and among the trees from where it blows around.


When litter-picking, one tends to reflect on who dropped what. The main litter I find is: cans and bottles, smokers’ litter, fast food waste, tissues and some sweet and crisp wrappers, which suggests that adults are the main droppers of litter. I also find some fly-tipping.


It is such good news that you are encouraging your pupils to be aware of litter. I don’t know what you can do to ensure that they retain those good attitudes as they get older, but I hope your pupils’ study of these issues will enable them to be our good citizens of the future. As someone with a keen interest in wildlife, I hope that they will also come to enjoy and value our beautiful landscape and its natural history.


Please pass on my appreciation to your staff and children who do these litter clear-ups so cheerfully.


If your staff want to be sure of finding litter along my ‘patch’ for these occasional litter-picks I would be pleased to stop picking up litter on my ‘lengths’ for a few days in advance if they would e-mail me and let me know when they are due to come round!